Drop Ship

Drop Ship / Dropshipping Program

Due to popular demand, we are offering drop ship service for individual whom would like to start your own online shop or start selling on your facebook.
  1. 1.

    ZERO Agent Fee,Just top-up AGENT Credits and GET START Your online business!

  2. 2.

    NO need keep STOCK or packaging

  3. 3.

    No Minimum Order

  4. 4.

    You can ADJUST & MARK UP Your Selling price

  5. 5.

    NO invoice or receipt inside parcel & Easy tracking your parcel

Dropship OnlyBasic AgentJunior AgentSenior AgentPlatinum AgentVIP Agent
Every Top-Up RequiredRM 50RM150RM250RM500RM1500RM2000
Auto-Discount by shop priceicon05%10%15%20%
Monthly Rewardiconiconiconiconiconicon
Auto-Dropshipsubmit order & write I WANT DROP SHIP at the "order Remark"iconiconiconiconicon

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dropship4u is a high traffic online shopping mall specializes in Sexy lingerie, Babydoll, Bra set, Sleep Wear in Malaysia since 2010. We source from worldwide in order to provide a wide range of products for our customers. Due to popular demand, we are now offering drop ship service for individual whom would like to start an online shop or start selling on their facebook.



Our dropship service is an optional service that you can use for your business regardless online or offline. As long as you are registered and approved members, you are able to use this service by enter your customer contacts like name, address and contact as shipping detail. However, our dropship service is on prepaid basis where store credit (prepaid credit) will be automatic deducted for every order. This will make us skip the payment checking process and proceed to ship. So, do keep certain amount of store credit if you wish to use our dropship service to avoid delay when shipping.
Our wholesales policy still apply for dropship service where minimum payment is RM250. For payment above RM500, you will give extra credit from 5% to 20% depends on the amount of the payment. The extra credit take given is a kind of discount which will reduce your cost and let your earn more. Please refer the chart below for details:-
How to make dropship order
Dropship orders are ship direct from us to your customer. So, it is very much like normal order but you just need to fill in your customer name, contact no and shipping address into shipping detail and as well as billing detail. Anyway, please go through the steps below which was optimize for placing dropship order at dropship4u.com.my.
  1. 1) Login to dropship4u.com.my by entering your register email address and password.

2)Use the search function by searching the numbers of our product codes. E.g. yw737 and just enter 737 and search. You will see either 1 or more results on 1 page and just select the right one.

  1. Click on the products that your customer want to buy and select the options like size or colour before click "add to Cart".
  3. 3)Once added, you can repeat step 2 and search another product if the customer order more than 1 item.
  4. When all items added to cart, you can click on view cart to double check if the order is correct.
  5. If found that quantity is incorrect, you can enter the right quantity and click "Update".
  6. If found wrong item in the cart, just select the wrong item and click "Delete".
  8. 4)Once all items and qunatity are correct, you can proceed to check out by clicking "Checkout".
  9. On Billing Details of checkout page, select " I want to use a new address" to enter new address.
  10. Enter your customer full name on first name field and contact no on last name field. 
  11. If full name is too long to fit in first name field, you can shorter it is enter the contact no into company name provided company name is not in use.
  12. Enter the address into address and make sure the postcode is correct as the shipping is very much depends on this postcode.
  13. Once Billing Details is correct as per your customer address, just click "Continue".
  15. 5)On Delivery Details of checkout page, just scroll to the last address which should be the address that newly enter in Billing Details. Select the last address and click "Continue". * Dont missed this step as this is a very important information.
  16. On Delivery Method of checkout page, just select default "Weight Based Shipping". * Do not select "Pickup From Store" because "Pickup From Store" order wont post.
  17. If you have any additional note put, you can enter it in comment section. E.g. "please post on coming Wednesday" and we will get this comment and proceed to post on coming Wednesday.
  19. 6) Payment Method of checkout page, just select default "Bank Transfer" and proceed because it is not applicable on this case.
  20. Again, any additional information about payment can be append here. E.g. "Will top up in a while".
  21. Tick on "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions " and click "Continue" to proceed.
  22. Final step, just have a look on the order and click "Confirm Order" to complete the order.
What to expect after post the dropship order
Once dropship order posted, we will first reserved the stock from the system and process this order when we do packing. Packing usually done in 2 sessions but sometime once in the afternoon. 1 in the morning and 2nd will process after 2pm, our current standard cut off time. 
Another words, any dropship order post before 2pm will be ship on same day unless not enough stock credit or items ordered is out of stock or non-working day like public holiday and weekends. Order that post after 2pm last working day of the week (Usually refer to Friday 2pm), Order will ship out on next working day (Usually following Monday). We will ensure the orders will ship on same day if posted before 2pm. Packing and delivery is our weekdays high priority task.
To avoid delay in shipment, we recommend our dropship agents to keep minimum store credit of RM50. Once below minimum store credit, top up should be done ASAP. This will ensure your shipment will not get hold because of low store credit.
After we had packed the order, we might update shipment tracking no in system without waiting for pickup by courier service. So, tracking no can only be traceable in the evening after all shipments has pickup by courier service. You will received a copy of Order status update in email when we update the status.
In the case like item of the order is out of stock, we will try to contact the agents ASAP to follow up to change to order color or size in order to proceed. If we cant get response before pickup, the shipment will be hold first and set to pre-order. By default, we will be wait for new stock to arrive and proceed to ship later.